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Reborn 1982 Volts-wagon Rabbit

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Standard Transmission

Heavy Duty Shocks & Springs

New Drive Axles

Advanced 8?DC Motor w/ transmission adapter

Albright Motor Controller

PB-6 Contactor

Circuit breaker, fuses & wiring

Vacuum Power Brakes Motor & Reservoirs

Sevcon 96VDC/12VDC Converter

Custom battery racks & vented battery box

16- Budget Batteries

Russco 150 Amp/ 120Volt? onboard battery charger

1,200 Watt Ceramic heater and Contactor



Lots of help from members of Northwest Solar Group & friends.

Total costs so far:??????????? $ 10,550.00 plus labor


Electric Vehicles don?t need:

Gasoline, Oil Changes, Spark plugs, Cap & Rotor, Valve adjustments, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Fuel Filter, Carburetor, Fuel Injectors,? Distributor, Plug Wires, Fan Belt, Timing Belt, Water Pump, Radiator, Starter, Alternator, Hoses, Fuel Pump, Choke, Head Gasket, Valve Grind, Rings, Muffler, Catalytic Convertor, Emission Devices and Smog Certification .


Brothers Electric and Solar Logo

This Car is now FOR SALE!!!

$9,000 firm

Copyright Brothers Electric & Solar? ? 1978-2010

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