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Anderson Solar ground mount 40 modules 7 kW system.
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This system is eligible for the maximum residential Washington state incentives

40 - Silicon Energy Cascade series 175 watt -Washington made solar modules

2- PowerOne Aurora inverters -Washington assembled inverters

~ $ 4,500 check from Utility each year (.54 cents per Kilowatt hour produced)

~ $450 off electric bill each year (.10 cents per Kilowatt used)

With Federal Incentives, Production check, & Utility savings;

This system can pay for itself in around 10 years.

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          John & Susan Anderson hand crafted from the ground up: the strongest, most precise, and most beautiful structure we have had the pleasure of installing Solar upon.  They started by  clearing the area, digging the holes, pouring the concrete (by hand).  Then they set the posts and squared the structure.   All of the welding joints were perfect.   These modules have a warranty of twenty years and are meant to last upwards of 50 years.  This ground mount is built to easily last just as long.

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